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Let It Run, Let It Glide

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

You could say I’m a troublemaker,

arriving to shake things up on land

or water. It’s true — I wanted to get

you alone. A coxswain, I maintained

a safe distance, knowing that when we

collided, it would explode like a luminous star.

Turmoil, I admit, once found me

like a boat sinking in the St. Johns.

But I knew to tread water & wait

for your steadiness, how you lead.

You offered me peace & the glow

of your smile opening like a lily

across your face.

Soon, I knew I loved you —

a documentary onscreen as the thought

of permanence appeared. Sometimes,

the world offers justice. I know

I earned you & this safety.

I can’t help but watch your capable

hands on the steering wheel. You get us

where we need to go. We know

our roles & how to move like this —

always in tandem. I’ll list the chores;

you complain. I’ll cook the salmon;

you feed the dogs. It works.

This love was inevitable, the risk

be damned. So here we are: an eye

toward our wedding, our hands

clasped together. That day in August,

as our friend sang, the guitar echoed

toward the live oaks as I answered

yes, yes, you.

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