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I Love Cats and I Love You

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

It’s no wonder I was strumming

a guitar the moment I first saw you

— your voice lifting toward me like music

outside of that big, yellow house.

The moving truck nearly plowed into the eaves,

like our bodies in the early morning

when we glided clumsily across the ice

in New York — the city you love so much,

where we toured museums & bodega cats

greeted us like family.

We’ve learned that the good stuff takes time,

like eggshells & coffee grounds

becoming rich soil —that Earthly alchemy.

Or that the perfect match can look like

a grilled cheese. If you’re bread, then

I’m butter. We’re cooking with gas.

That night so long ago, we sparkled into the evening

like fireworks. You, a champagne bottle,

me in sequins. I kissed your temple for a photo,

& knew I would do it as long as you’d let me.

There we are on this third planet.

After 9 years, we know — like a diamond ring

missing in transit, even when something

goes wrong, it can still be right. Whether

on the cobblestones of Savannah, or at home

by the Christmas tree, my question

& your answer would always be the same.

We’ll never stop celebrating.

On your birthday, you stood in your boots

like a gorgeous statue, draped in all that blue,

as those who love you drank & danced

to celebrate your beauty, your brain,

& your unshakeable, dedicated hands

that like magic, turn scraps into gold.

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