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A Lot Better With Both

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Like a penguin gifting pebbles

to his love interest, you offered me

your talented hands to spin the dial

of a combination lock. The tumblers

aligned, a locker door opened, & we were

thrust forward, closer each day to this

inevitable union.

Just kids at camp, we stumbled into

the periphery of each other, circling

like crows, those prankster birds.

Laughter landed us here.

A trumpet player —you knew where

to place your lips, how to press music

from metal valves. What can’t you do?

Always instigating. Adding more color,

more flourish — a manuscript illuminated.

Like the Book of Kells in Dublin, city where

we celebrated a decade of us & the memory

of that little church where we wed.

25 years, & still, I’m surprised:

a bottle of perfume or hidden notes

in that old locker, the endless beer in Prague

or a cast party crashed. Don’t we do it all?

Love is to be struck by wonderment.

Awe, as I watch you provide, & offer

your attentive care. Baby, I’m amazed

by you. Let’s thrive in this gorgeous chaos.

Bring your tiny butt, your brain. I’ll be

the heart, & our son, the proof of both.

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